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Observation file: Lunaria

Post by Tsuki » Thu Nov 29, 2018 1:17 am

I am Zero. An ancient entity from a universe that has long since come to an end. It is my duty to observe and document the events of other universes, and to never interfere, except when deemed absolutely necessary, for the preservation of my observations. These are the witnessed events of the rise and fall of the Lunaria empire, the sole city in a small universe.

From before I had arrived in this realm, 8 objects were in this universe. One orb (henceforth refereed to as 'World Core' ), and 7 gems of brilliant cut (henceforth refereed to as "World Gems'), all of a semi-clear white mineral, similar to diamond. It is interesting to note that everything that exists within this universe seems to be that which resides outside the World Core, and things that exist within the void of this realm, everything outside of the universe, reside within the World Core. It seems to be this property that makes this universe so unique, if one were to travel in any one direction without stopping, they would eventually return to where they started, as if running alongside the inner surface of a sphere. This holds true for every possible direction. It is then the World Core's surface that acts as schism, separating this universe from it's void.

It was during observation of the World Core and World Gems that a spark of life appeared as the 7 World Gems expelled tremendous energy. It is unclear if this entity was brought here by them, or created in that moment. Interestingly, a similar spark of life had appeared within the World Core at the same moment. It wasn't long before the two entities had become sapient. They seemed to long for each other, but given how these entities were created, and what they are made of, I hypothesize that if these two entities come in contact with one another, they would both be completely and utterly destroyed, and the entities seemed to be aware of this fact.

After some time, the entities named themselves. The one within the World Core was named Asagi Tsuru, and the one outside Tsuru Tsuki. I have heard these words before in other realms, but it is unlikely that these words have similar meaning. Judging from how their language then evolved, I estimate that the general meaning of these words are Tsuru being a word for first, or prime, Asagi meaning The Sister Of, and Tsuki meaning a Canvas, resulting in the names probably meaning "Sister of the First" and "First Canvas".

It wasn't long after this that Tsuru Tsuki created land, a silvery landscape that now hung within this small universe. Similar to before, the World Gems sparked life into this land. I observed as over many millennia, these new lives grew and created a utopia. Surrounding the center of the city, atop an altar build for each, the 7 World Gems surrounded a tall central tower, whose functionality seemed to be both a source of energy, as well as an archive of knowledge and literature, as well as transport to an 8th altar that floated far above the city, where the World Core and Tsuru Tsuki resided, watching and staying mostly passive, but actively communicating with the people who were dubbed Lunarian, a word that translated roughly into "Loved Child", similar to the name for the city, Lunaria, roughly translating to "Land of Love".

It is unknown to me if there were signs before this, but the World Core had had trouble containing Asagi Tsuru inside it. The sheer longing she had to embrace her sister seemed to have worn away the border of the World Core, until it shattered. The newly released Asagi Tsuru's energy, a pure opposite of that of her sister's, had immediate effect. The massive flow of her energy, colliding with everything that was around her, both vanishing, creating a growing wave of destruction. Unfortunately, as much of Tsuru Tsuki's energy had been used, she was completely annihilated by the wave, along with much of the city. Just before the wave had reached the center of the city, the 7 World Gems flashed with a brilliant light, and the altars, and everything between them vanished, leaving a hole in the land, that quickly then was destroyed by the wave. When all was done, the only thing that remained was Asagi Tsuru, the shattered remains of the World Core, two staves that were gifts made by the Lunarians for the sisters, and the void.

During this time, many events happened quickly. This universe was falling apart, as the laws has been broken. It is unclear how the staves survived, but they now contained a spark of life, similar to the ones the World Gems had brought about, possibly meaning they were spared by them. These sparks of life turned the staves into two entities, known as Negative and Positive, words that did not exist in the Lunarian language. They seemed to exhibit similar energy to that of the two sisters, opposite of each other. They worked together, mending the World Core and returning the void back into it, and then set to repairing a very broken, nearly destroyed Asagi Tsuru.

At that moment, the universe had ceased to exist, and I found myself returned to where I was before venturing into it. I knew not the fate of the 3 entities left within it, but I had later found out that they had survived, and moved onto a new universe, wherein Asagi Tsuru was now known by the name Tsuki, possibly to keep her sister alive in name. But that is a story for another time.

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