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Top Ten List 2018

Post by sims » Fri Dec 28, 2018 4:53 pm

hello, I present to you my Top Ten List of Games That I Happened to Play At Some Point in 2018 And May or May Not Have Actually Released in 2018

this is sort of an arbitrary list of games that I enjoyed this year based on my own feelings rather than any sort of metric.

Honorable Mentions
SRB2 Kart
free-to-play sonic themed kart racer built on an incredibly dated engine that is also incredibly fun. i would play it more but it doesn't have a substantial offline mode and i dont always enjoy playing with randos

Luigi's Mansion
despite playing this game for only about two days earlier this year i love this thing. luigi's mansion holds up remarkably well and it's short enough that it's done before you have any chance of burning out on it. i love this dang game

Oregon Trail II
still the best version of oregon trail dont @ me

The Top Ten
10. The Sims 4
despite possibly being my least favorite entry in the series i still find myself picking it up about once a month or so for a week. sims 1 and 2 are very dated these days and sims 3, while still being my favorite, does not run well on any computer whatsoever. the sims 4 has the benefit of being modern and efficient despite my qualms with the lack of variety in things to do

9. RuneScape
this mmo sucks. i literally cannot get into any other mmo on the market the same way i play this one. this game probably has the most playtime of any other on this list but its so low because actually i hate it. i hate it a lot. i still play it all the time. i literally just purchased a years subscription. fuck.

8. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
i think the reason that i enjoy this game at all is because it's still a source engine fps without the performance issues of tf2, which is not ranked on this list. it's fun but the community can be a bit toxic at times and valve is aggressively monetizing this game which is why it isn't ranked higher.

7. Tetris Effect
this game owns a lot actually. if you like tetris or just pretty puzzle games in any sort of capacity youll probably like this one. the only real reason that it isnt rated much higher is because i am criminally bad at it. like terrible. i should be arrested for tetris crimes but the cops will never catch me

6. StarCraft II
this game is okay. its probably my favorite RTS out of all the ones ive played, but at the same time i only really play story mode. the storys not really that special, but its got a pretty wide variety of missions and the general gameplay loop is satisfying. this was kind of a late entry because i only started replaying it in november but i enjoy it enough to rank it

5. Cities: Skylines
a really fun city-builder game that i pick up again every now and then. it's fun and satisfying to plan out the layout of your city and watch it grow, responding to issues as they crop up and making improvements as you unlock new features. theres a lot of dlc but all of it is optional, with the best features typically being patched into the main game for free. i highly recommend it even though the water physics make no sense and kill all of my citizens in freak tidal waves

4. Sonic Mania
after deliberating on it for a bit i think i can effectively say that this is my favorite sonic game. the levels are pretty much all good even if some of the bosses arent great. im pretty much the target audience however as someone who loved the original trilogy back in its heyday so i might be a little biased. maybe.

3. HITMAN: 2
hitman 2 is a game where you hit men. there are only 6 stages in the game (more if you own hitman 1, those stages are ported over for free if you own the game) but each stage has an absolute wealth of ways to tackle it as well as optional content that lets you find even more ways to get around and hit those dang men. hit them. they deserve it

2. Fallout: New Vegas

1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


please feel free to use this topic to post your own games list if you feel. it doesnt have to be top ten best games either, give me an arbitrary list of games with the best lesbian protags and it will be equally valid in my eyes.

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